Surreal Schematics started promisingly enough, when two friends got together with grandiose visions of an RPG publishing company poised to be the first to market for new content for the world’s most popular roleplaying system.

Then, after a brief surge of activity, it languished for a decade.

Now we’re here, hopefully more consistent and hopefully more holistic.


Reimagining the seventh episode of your favorite galaxy combat franchise

Episode VII - A Shattered Galaxy

It is a time of conflict. THE NEW REPUBLIC, guided by heroes who defeated the GALACTIC EMPIRE, has grown from the ashes of that imperial order.

However, myriad IMPERIAL REMNANTS plague systems at the Outer Rim. Faith in the New Republic is waning as these successor states grow in the shadows.

With the recent disappearance of LUKE SKYWALKER, the light of hope is fading. But a new generation of heroes will rise to bind the galaxy together….

What comes next? Find out as our players explore the galaxy with the help of the RPGs Edge of the Empire and Force & Destiny.

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